Self Editing


Editing. Sigh. I love the writing, the creating, the crafting of worlds, plot and character. The editing - not so much. The thing is, though, it's just as important as all the fun stuff. In this post I'll tell you why. I'll delve into the gory details of my editing process; the whats, the hows, … Continue reading Self Editing

A New Novel – The Silencing


Adrift at sea. No power. No rescue. No law. Back when I dropped my last novel, Dark Island, in 2019, I lamented the astronomical gap of nine months between that and the prevous novel. You can imagine how I feel now the gap is three years. What can I say? Life, lockdowns and work got … Continue reading A New Novel – The Silencing

Apocalypse Research: Wild Camping


Spending much of my time thinking about the apocalypse, dystopia and other nightmare worlds, I run a lot of desperate scenarios through my head: the zombies; the totalitarian governments; the environmental disaster; the infrastructure breakdown... You get the idea. A common thread through many of these themes is the ubiquitous 'bug out'. Pack up everything … Continue reading Apocalypse Research: Wild Camping

How do I Outline my Novel?

I've outlined one novel. So what I'm going to describe here isn't going to be the best way to outline a novel. It may be the worst, but I hope not. Who knows? What I'm trying to say is, this post is simply my experience of outlining. I have tried to encapsulate the broad points … Continue reading How do I Outline my Novel?

Writing a New Novel. To Outline or not to Outline?

Work has started on a new novel. Well, I say started. 'Underway' is more accurate. The seed of a new idea emerged two months or so ago. From there I decided to do something I've never done before, and that's plan the novel, from start to finish. Using real three act story structure and everything. … Continue reading Writing a New Novel. To Outline or not to Outline?

New Review from Kiss at Midnight for After the Fall

Kiss at Midnight - Reviews written by sweet girls that would make sailors blush, have just published a review of After the Fall, book 2 in The Fall series. I love how they have captured the ethos behind the books - the average Joe's apocalypse and how the you and me's of the world would … Continue reading New Review from Kiss at Midnight for After the Fall

OUT NOW – The Fence Walker!

Ok, zombie fans. Book 3 of the Fall series, after a year and a half in the making, has been released today. Over 130000 words of flesh biting gruesomeness is ready for your blood thirsty consumption, so hurry up and shuffle over here to get your copy! The Fence Walker brings together all the characters from … Continue reading OUT NOW – The Fence Walker!